Carnival Masqueraders have been portraying creative and glamorous costume designs at various carnivals for years. These costumes consisted of pieces to decorate your head to your leg, but something seems to be missing. What about your feet? This is where Carnival Exclusives comes in and provides exceptional custom designed carnival footwear services. Carnival Exclusives strives to fill the needs of masqueraders who want to continue to “Wow” the spectators from their head all the way down to their feet. The time has come where old sneakers or boots have become obsolete. Now you must “Bling” out your shoe to make your costume complete!

Carnival Exclusives offers three packages: Basics Exclusives, Backline Exclusives and Frontline Exclusives. These three packages range in terms of creative details from low, medium and high respectively. The Frontline Exclusives package is the most popular offering and may just keep eyes on your feet rather than on your costume. With all the colorful feathers, aesthetic design and iridescent stones your exclusives shoe will definitely enhance your overall carnival costume and experience.

Carnival Exclusives’ mission is to be the number one provider of high quality and desirable decorated footwear for ALL Carnival masqueraders. Revitalize your shoe, from old to new and beyond!

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Instead of making you pay for an entirely new shoe, we bring your old shoes back to life. Simply pick a style, submit your payment, and ship us your shoes. We'll work with you to create your perfect carnival footwear.

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